There is no dearth of management institutes in India who are just in the business to cash on the popularity of MBA degree and make some quick money in the process.
An MBA is currently one of the most popular and prestigious professional degrees in the country. A post graduate degree in business management from a top level business school is often seen as a getaway to a high flying and well-paying career with a reputable corporation.
A Master of Business Administration or MBA as it is professionally known is one degree which enhances your worth in the job market by several notches.
An MBA is currently one of the most popular professional degrees in the world and India is no exception to it with Master of Business Administration program enjoying unprecedented popularity in the country.
Business school research should be one of the most critical ingredients of your entire MBA application process. With MBA graduates from good business schools in high demand in the job market, a number of inferior institutes have come up to cater to the unprecedented of an MBA degree in India.
The MBA application process, the stage where you have reached a final decision that it is going to be MBA for you, could be one of the most critical and important decisions of your life– at par with other decisive decisions you have made or are likely to make in the future.
Web Desk: If you are in the process of applying to an MBA program, it is but natural to expect that hundreds of questions must be swirling around in your mind threatening to create a mental blockade.
An MBA is a two years professional postgraduate degree in management which prepares participants for a managerial position in the business world.